How to choose the perfect hairstyle

shear image salon blonde highlights and curls

Shear Image Salon in Grimsby can help you find the perfect hairstyle. There are several things to consider when choosing a hairstyle. You will want to choose a style that not only works with your hair texture and face shape but also suits your ability to maintain the cut and style.

Hair texture

Choosing a hairstyle that works for your hair texture will not only help it look its best but also make it easier for you to style. If your hair is thick, long layers will make it feel lighter and it will take less time to dry. A shorter cut might be more suitable for thinner hair; it will help you attain volume more easily. For curly hair, you will want to choose a style that flatters curly hair and your specific type of curl. Tight curls and loose waves will sit differently with the same cut.

Face shape

The shape of your face can help you to choose the perfect hairstyle. If you have a rounder face, consider a style that doesn’t add more fullness. A gamine style or short bob are flattering to a rounder face. If you have a heart-shaped face, choose a style that draws attention away from your chin, like a short pixie cut or longer layers. If you have a longer, oval face, you have more options, as most styles are flattering on this face shape.

Maintenance and upkeep

Your style choice may be influenced by how much time you have in your daily routine to style your hair, or how capable you are when it comes to styling your hair. If you are pressed for time and prefer a low-maintenance style, consider longer hair for an easier time styling your hair on your own. Shorter hairdos such as pixie cuts or angled bobs may take longer to make look great in the morning, and may also require more frequent visits to your salon for upkeep.

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