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Whether you are visiting Shear Image Salon Beautique in Grimsby, Ontario for the first time or have been a loyal client for years, our main goal is to make you feel special and look great. For over 25 years, Shear Image has been synonymous with the latest hair trends and the most innovative hair salon services. When you walk through our doors we promise you will enjoy every moment as you relax and take some time away from your busy day!

At Shear Image, we are confident that our staff will provide you with precision hair cutting, styling, detailed highlighting and many other personalized services executed by hairstylists who are continually striving for excellence.

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Professional, Personal, Passionate!

Welcome to our L’anza Healing Centre, where we’ve fully embraced L’ANZA’s innovative legacy to offer the best in hair care. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a blend of advanced ingredients, wildcrafted botanicals, and potent actives, L’ANZA ensures transformative healing, sealing, and protection for your hair.

At our L’ANZA Healing Centre, your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We exclusively use the safest, highest-quality ingredients in all our products, meeting rigorous safety standards and available in 40 countries worldwide. Additionally, we take pride in L’ANZA being cruelty-free brand. L’ANZA takes extraordinary care to hand-select the finest wildcrafted botanicals from sustainable forests, jungles, and woodlands throughout the world.

Known for outstanding performance, L’ANZA provides personalized prescriptions for all hair types at our salon. Explore the world of Healing Hair Color, featuring options from Permanent to Semi Permanent, allowing you to achieve trending hues or return to your roots. Let the magic of L’ANZA, combined with the expertise of our skilled stylists, elevate your hair care experience for vibrant, beautiful results.

Going Green

Every minute, salons contribute to 420,000 pounds of waste in landfills, including 63,000 pounds of hair daily. At Shear Image we are committed to reducing that amount. With @greencirclesalons we are now able to recycle 95% of our daily waste. Your hair trimmings will now be sent to become bioplastics, construction material and hair booms that are used to effectively clean up oil spills. Aluminum will be recycled into bicycle and car parts, and other waste will be made into clean energy. For more information about this program check out Green Circle Salons webpage.