At Shear Image we pride ourselves in providing high quality services and an amazing salon experience. See what our clients have to say below!

I have been a client of Deanine’s at Shear Image for many years now and truly value her exceptional skill as a stylist - I appreciate the time and care she takes to do everything perfectly! She has an eye for detail and is always so helpful when I feel the need for a change but I’m no really sure what I want. I’m very particular about my highlights and how my hair is cut and Deanine has surpassed my high expectations every time! I have curly hair, which isn’t the easiest to work with, but Deanine has taught me how to work with my curls and she cuts my hair so it looks great whether I wear it curly or straight. Not only do I love Shear Image because of the wonders worked on my hair, but the atmosphere is always so warm and welcoming. They also have some amazing products to choose from, which help me to keep my hair looking its best between appointments. Thank you so much Deanine!


I have been a client of Shear Image for the past 9 years. My hair is gray and curly, and after many bad experiences with stylists who insisted that gray hair should be short and straight, I went to Deanine at Shear Image. Deanine specializes in cutting curly hair, and does so when it is dry so that she can see the curls. She initially cut my hair very short, then told me not to come back for three months. Since then she has been styling my hair, letting it grow, trimming it every four weeks, and recommending products for curly hair. I am constantly getting compliments from strangers and I love it! Not only is Deanine a great stylist, but she employs a staff, who are always professional, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this salon.


My family and I have seen other stylists at this salon and were impressed by their skills! Everyone at Shear Image is great! The owner is so caring, that she pro vided her clients the touch - up they needed during this pandemic. Thank you so much Deanine


I am a regular client at Shear Image Salon for just over 8 years now. I love getting my hair done there, as everyone is very friendly and welcoming when you walk in the door. The atmosphere is so relaxing and I feel great when I leave with my freshly styled hair.


Shear Image is exactly what I looked for in a salon. Friendly staff and awesome products to use.


Vanessa did a great job. She was professional, warm, friendly, knew what she was doing, and even though it was her first day - her attitude was as if she was there for a while.


Great salon and stylists. Always doing classes to stay up to date with the latest trends. Thanks for the great experience and atmosphere you provide.


I would recommend Chelsea highly. She listened to me and was so willing to follow my wishes. She took her time and I really felt that I was receiving special care. Again thank you so much.